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Who We Are

Who We Are

Helping people work smarter

Who We Are Helping people work smarter Who We Are Helping people work smarter

Ricoh has been a leader in the printer and copier market for more than 80 years—all the way back to 1936. The world’s first compact, affordable digital office copier was a Ricoh, in 1987. Since then we’ve been office automation frontrunners, changing how people work. We are constantly refining our optical and image processing technologies, focused on meeting customers’ needs.
Today we provide support to over 1.4 million companies across the world. And our business caters not only to offices but many other kinds of workplaces, too. We help people work smarter with our technologies and services.

What Ricoh can do for you

We are always thinking about people—how to help them work more creatively and get greater satisfaction from their work and in everyday life.
Times change, and technology advances. But problems related to work, communities, and how people interact still arise and still need solutions. Ricoh’s Empowering Digital Workplaces approach is all about finding solutions.

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The Ricoh Mission, Vision and Values

We at Ricoh are committed to providing excellence: excellence that makes life better for people and helps sustain the planet’s resources. As a global company, Ricoh works hard to earn the world’s trust. So we operate on the basis of seven core values: Customer-Centric, Passion, Gemba (Learn from the frontlines), Innovation, Teamwork, Winning Spirit, Ethics, and Integrity.

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Ricoh’s business

We began as a printer and copier manufacturer, but have greatly expanded our areas of business. We now apply our optical and image-processing technologies to products such as cameras, projectors, video-conferencing equipment, and interactive whiteboards, and Ricoh recently ventured even into the healthcare market.
Also, with our expertise in document- and IT-management, we offer a wide variety of services to help you work smarter.

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Global support

Ricoh has sales, support, production, research, and development operations and has presence in around 200 countries. Wherever in the world you are, or plan to open a new market in, we are there to help.

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