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Main content

Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business

About us

Institute Outline

The Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business aims to suggest new ways and directions to corporate management by estimating the movement and signs of structural changes in the marketplace with an eye on global business development.We will conduct research activities to contribute not only to the progress of the company (''business'') but also to help bring about a rich and sustainable society (''sustainability'') through our ''corporate activities.''

Feature 1

The Institute applies its research findings to corporate management by making proposals and providing information for the top management of Ricoh.

Feature 2

The Institute further deepens its research based on emerging issues and lessons drawn from actual business activities.

Feature 3

The Institute broadly distributes its research findings to the public through online columns and other means.

Organization Chart


Takashi Kozu (Fellow, Ricoh Company, Ltd.)

Vice President

Tetsuya Nakano

Executive Advisor

Nobuo Inaba (Director, Chairman of the Board, Ricoh Company, Ltd.)

Economics Chief Research Fellow

Soichi Sato

Environment, Resource and Energy Chief Research Fellow

Hitoshi Kometani

Industry and Business Chief Research Fellow

Tetsuya Nakano

As of April 1, 2020

Research Areas


Global companies are required not only to respond to dynamic changes swiftly and appropriately in the global economy, but they also need an insight to foresee the future. The Economic Research Department analyzes the trend and risk of the global economy and financial markets. It also studies the mid-long term change of the economic structure and its impact on the corporate management.

Environment, Resource and Energy

Today, it is inevitable for global companies to achieve sustainable growth to survive. As the global environment issues are becoming serious, the Environment, Resource and Energy Research Department researches the roles companies need to play and new business related to the environment.

Industry and Business

Technologies are developing rapidly. The Industry and Business Research Department researches state-of-the-art management issues that advanced manufacturing industries should respond to by looking ahead to the IoT and the artificial intelligence (AI) era.


Ricoh Institute of Sustainability and Business

3-6, Nakamagome 1-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 143-8555, Japan
+81 3-3777-8111

Toei Subway Asakusa Line, Magome Station; 8 minute walk
Go out Exit A1 (Kanjo 7), and turn right.